Equine Performance Inner Circle
Do you want to learn how to help your horse perform at their best?
The Equine Performance Inner Circle helps you become a more educated horse person about equine biomechanics, exercise programs, and riding for soundness. The tools you learn in the Inner Circle will help your horse move, feel, and perform better. 
Join "Teach me Tuesday's"
Let me help you better understand how your horse’s body works and how to help them achieve peak performance. The Equine Performance Inner Circle will help you look at your horse in a more functional way and keep you up-to-date on the latest research related to biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness and soundness management. 

Take Your knowledge to the next level
The Equine Performance Inner Circle has monthly training sessions focused on teaching you the “why” behind training and caring for horses. 
In the Inner Circle, you'll learn about:
  • Equine biomechanics and how a horse uses his body to generate force and stay balanced. This helps you be a more effective rider.
  • ​Exercise physiology and how a horse gets fit. This will help you design effective exercise programs for your sport and minimize the risk of injury.
  • ​Riding for soundness and key signs that your horse is feeling good and handing his workload well.
  • ​Modalities, such as lasers, PEMF, ice, acupuncture, and others. How do these tools help your horse recover from a hard workout and stay sound? 
  • ​Aquatic therapy, such as underwater treadmills and swimming. Learn what is happening to your horse with these exercise programs and how to include them in your fitness program.
  • ​Exercise prescriptions designed to strengthen the core and stifles, two areas that are critical to a horse’s long term soundness.
  • ​Using physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage programs to help your horse perform at his best.
  • ​Common conformation faults that can impact soundness, and how to modify your training programs to decrease risk of injury.
  • ​And many more topics will be added to this list!
How does the Inner Circle work?
  • Each month there will be a training, typically on the 4th Tuesday of the month. You can jump onto the Zoom call and listen live, so you can ask questions in real time.
  • ​Each training session will be added to the library so you can also listen to it when convenient. If you have questions you can always email Shelley.
  • ​The training library will grow over time. When you join you get access to the entire training database, not just the monthly content. You can search for topics as needed which is really helpful when a situation comes up with your horse. 
Who is this class for?
This class is for horse people at all levels who want to care for their horses and help them to effectively do their job. Whether you trail ride, are aiming to ride Grand Prix at Wellington, run in the American Eventing Championships, or finish the Tevis cup race, you’ll learn useful information and how to apply it to your training program.  
How is the Content Delivered?
Each month there will be a "Teach Me Tuesday" (usually the 4th Tuesday of the month). Join this zoom call to listen to the monthly training and ask your questions. If you can't make it, don't worry. The sessions are recorded and added to the member library for you to access anytime. 

What Does It Mean to Be a Founding Member?
Being a founding member means you’re joining at the beginning. The Inner Circle is being built from the ground up, and you’ll be part of that journey. As a huge thank you for your support, you’ll get access to the Inner Circle for the best price that won’t increase, as long as you remain a member.
What can you learn by joining the Inner Circle?
  • Learn current concepts in equine physiotherapy, biomechanics, and fitness.
  • ​Stay up-to-date on new research and studies so you can make informed decisions about how best to help your horse move, feel, and perform better.
  • ​Gain access to the growing library of topics. Trainings will be added monthly to the membership site. Founding members will get the best price because you’re willing to go on this journey with me. You’ll be involved with the Inner Circle from the ground up and see the content grow over time.
  • ​There will be a training every month. You can join live (via Zoom) and get your questions answered or listen to the recording later. You can get help and guidance when you need it.
About the Presenter
Hi, I'm Shelley Thomas.
I'm excited to work with you! Let me introduce myself.

I'm a physical therapist and rider. I own a company called Intrepid Wellness where I help horses and riders be better athletes.  I’m passionate about helping riders learn about injury prevention, rehabilitation, and ways to help their horse reach peak performance.

I graduated from the Mayo Clinic in 1999 with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and have worked for over 20 years with people who have orthopedic and neurological injuries. I also received additional training to work with horses and am a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner from the University of Tennessee and a Permitted Equine Therapist for FEI events.
One common thing I see in my practice with both horses and humans is that many injuries are caused by lack of proper understanding about movement and fitness. All horses need to be prepared to do their job. I think we could help our horses feel better, perform at their peak, and last longer creating thoughtful training programs.

I've ridden horses all my life, in eventing, show jumping and dressage. I did a bit of Western as a kid and my memory of riding "Lucky," a highly trained cutting horse, still makes me smile!  My current horse is named Pangloss, an 8-year old Thoroughbred. We're working on moving up the levels in eventing, COVID permitting and all! 

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Equine Performance Inner Circle

My goal is to give you a ton of value for very little money. I want to help riders learn how to help horses move, feel, and perform better. 
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